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 [29.03.2008, 04:40:05]

This software is provided AS IS until Beta is better.

SetupSilent Builder v0.3.7 Beta -
Use this application to Build Upgradable Silent Setups with StartMenu Sorting.

Once your Package is built run or call from Menu SetupS.exe (this will do all the work for you for most of your installs).

NOTE: This doesn't allow Keygen apps to be made registered silently only cracked files or reg keys.

It's still young but it's ready for testing.


All credit for this goes to the man that made it RON.

1. install the app you want to create the silent installer for. ** Do not change anything, let it choose its own default paths etc. ** Do not delete or move anything from the default install. ** Make it go, apply any patches and enter any serial numbers. ** Use a capture utility (like Regshot) to capture the install process if cracks needed. ** 2. run Setup Silent Builder, open the Help panel, you'll probably need it. 3. Application Tab: This information displayed in LastXP WPIw setup menu ** Title:********** Name of app, not filename ** URL:************ Web address for apps home page ** Description:**** For tooltip etc in LastXP ** Category:********Dropdown list of 42 pre-determined app types (LastXP's menu position) ** 4. Install Tab:** App should be already installed on your computer. ** Install Path:**Select the folder where the app is installed to. ** Installer:**** Select the setup file you used to install the app. (will copy to path) ** Switches:******To make install silent and any others required. (Use USSF to find them) ** Cracked Files: Pre-patched files that are copied over the installed ones. ** Registry File: Previously exported .REG file to add to registry during install. ** 5. Shortcuts Tab:**Original shortcuts and where to move them ** Start Source:** Where the app installed its default shortcuts (you never moved them?) ** Start Dest:**** Move the shortcuts to here, select one of your start menu categories. ** Keep These:**** Select the shortcuts you want one at a time. (otheres will be deleted). ** Options: ****** Always Sort: ****** Keep Desktop: Leave the shortcut on the desktop if one was created. ****** Keep Folder:**The shortcuts are kept together inside their original sub folder. ****** Keep QLaunch: Leave the quick launch icon if one was created. 6. Include Folder (sub folders) Tab: add files into the install path (in addition to). ** 7. Build Tab:******************You want action, this is the action tab. ** Output To:******************Select the path to create the finished product. ** Copy SetupS to Output Path: Copy the SetupS.exe to build path also. ** ** BUILD BUTTON: press it to do it. ** Note: If the file LastXPMenu.ini is not in the Windows folder or the Control Key not held in then the shortcuts are not processed at all, they are just left in their default inatall path. Once you have made a few silent installers you may find it quicker just to edit the SetupS.ini files directly and copy the required files manually
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